Certified Business Valuation

What’s the difference between a Certified Business Valuation and an Estimate of Value?

A Certified Business Valuation reflects your unique business.  An Estimate of Value reflects the averaged sale price of all businesses in your industry; it doesn’t reflect the unique qualities that make your business, yours.

Why does it matter?  When selling your business using an Estimate of Value, a buyer will be sure to point out the weaknesses in your business to negotiate the price down.  And they will be even MORE sure NOT to point out the strengths to raise the price!  In other words, the buyer has the negotiating leverage in the transaction.

A Certified Business Valuation reflects your business’ strengths and weaknesses, leaving less wiggle room in the negotiation process.  It also reflects the impact of industry trends (and your business’ ability to capitalize on emerging trends) and the current economic situation.  Again, this leaves less wiggle room for negotiation.

What makes Business Brokers Plus unique?  We make the strengths and weaknesses visible to you so that you have an opportunity to improve the weaknesses – raising the sale price sometimes very significantly – and to turn the remaining weaknesses into selling points.  And when you choose the combination that allows for a pre-sale due diligence, the buyers’ attempts to reduce price are preempted by having the materials they request ready at our fingertips – further reducing negotiating reductions by the buyer emphasizing unpreparedness.

We are more than happy to provide Certified Business Valuations for clients who do not want to engage in a sale transaction.  Price varies according to the complexity of the business.

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