Increasing Value for even the Most Well-run Businesses

Virginia Altman spent 20 years as a turn-around consultant for Fortune 500 companies. She has 35 years’ experience helping businesses both large and small increase and sell the value of their businesses.
For the past 14 years, Virginia has been a certified Business Broker and Valuator with a Masters Degree from Carnegie Mellon.  And she is Certified as an Exit Planner and Value Builder.

As the founder of The Exit Eagle, Virginia is passionate about using her decades of experience to help the owners of both small and large businesses create profitable exit plans, low drama business sales, and win-win situations.

From coaching as needed to comprehensive, white glove involvement that takes charge of boosting your business value and giving you the best chance to retire on top of the world, Virginia has the skills, experience, and reputation you can count on.


Our Guiding Principles

  • Make sure we get the best price we can for the value the business offers.
  • If they don't have enough value to accomplish their goals, help them to create it.
  • Always remember that there are families, employees and customers who will benefit -- or suffer -- from how well the work is done.
  • Partner with owners and other service providers who share our passion for honesty and integrity, and creating the WIN-WIN deal!.

 Our Values

  • Excellence: Mediocrity is the curse that kills entities, cultures, and hope.
  • Integrity: Nothing is more valuable than a good night's sleep.
  • Collaboration: Where two or more are joined together with a common purpose, innovation will follow.
  • Transparency: No secret processes or actions, always keep the clients involved and informed.
  • Profit: Hard work deserves to be rewarded.
  • Realism: We can’t all afford the best, although we want the best done.

Unlock the Wealth You’ve Grown in Your Business

When it comes to exiting your business or transitioning control, The Exit Eagle has the experience to help you close a win-win deal.

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