You've invested your life in building your business.
Now it's time to harvest the reward.

We are value accelerators and business brokers who help you to know, grow and sell the value of business.

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Creating a business that an entrepreneur will write a big check for doesn’t just happen.

We help you to see your business from the buyer’s perspective, revealing what does (and doesn’t) make it attractive, and how to make it even more attractive to a serious contender.  

You may discover that the you are quite happy with the “as is” value.

We take your business to market with the package that magnetizes buyers and that includes the information they need to close the deal quickly.

We make sure that you maintain leverage in the deal, too.

Our team of advisors makes sure the deal structure is advantageous and risk-free.

Know the Value.  Grow the Value.  Sell the Value. 

Our Three Categories of Offerings

Know the Value * Grow the Value * Sell the Value

Know the Value:  Business Value Inspection Report

This report gives you the information you need to manage the value, timing, and sale price of your business by presenting you with a picture of your business that reflects The Buyer Perspective of Your Business.

Included in the report are:

  • A Certified Business Valuation
  • A Review of Financials
  • Potential risks to a sale transaction
  • Opportunities to increase the value to maximize your sale price
  • And more.

Your involvement in the creation of the Business Value Inspection Report, and the findings reported within, allow you to determine whether you are ready to sell your business, if your business ready to be sold, and whether you want or need to spend time and money on increasing that value and sale price.

The Business Value Inspection Report is the key to managing the value and sale price of your business

Grow the Value:  Value Accelerator Mastermind

Whether you want to sell for a premium—or just know that you could—The Value Accelerator Mastermind
ensures you’ve got all of the options for the business and life you deserve.

We incorporate the Value Builder system in our hands-on, step-by-step process that is designed to drive up the value and give you back control over your time.

The Value Accelerator Mastermind focuses on specific components of your business that can be improved to significantly increase attraction of buyers -- and ultimately, a more turnkey operation that drives up price.  When you want to get the most you can from your business, this is the route to take.  

And you have the options of one-to-one coaching or being in a collaborative mastermind where you gain perspective, inputs, and the experience of other business owners.


Sell the Value:  Sell It Your Way

Different owners have different needs form the sell of their business, ranging from reducing workflow by selling part of their business, selling it to a family member, or leveraging the business to fund their retirement.

We have worked out offerings that allow you to decide how much time and money you will invest in making the deal happen. 

For each option, we manage the marketing and advertising:

  • Create marketing materials and ads.
  • Online websites, such as BizBuySell.
  • Ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.
  • Through business connect networks...
  • And personal relationships.

We offer three ways to sell your business:

  1. Sell Your Business "As Is":  If we have reviewed your Estimate of Value and you are happy with the suggested sale price, and you are willing to manage the sale process yourself, with the support of a professional coach, this is a good option for you.
  2. Showcase Current Value:  If you would like to increase your sale price by taking advantage of recommended opportunities for increasing value, this option is for you.  We will ensure that materials the buyer will want to review are prepared ahead of time, so we can maintain negotiation leverage the whole way through.  And manage the sale process, too.
  3. Showcase Current and Future Value:  If you want to maximize the sale price, this is the premium option. In addition to showcasing current value, we will create data analytics and thoroughly research the industry to prepare a business proposition that demonstrates opportunities for short- and long-term revenue growth.  This is the option that attracts the strategic buyers who will write the bigger check.

Finally, wehave carefully crafted a team of professionals -- Attorneys, Financial Planners, tax specialists -- that we can bring in as-needed to make sure that risks are minimized and benefits carefully managed.

We do everything we can to make sure that your deal is one you treasure the rest of your life.

Our Four Categories of Offerings

Where are you in your entrepreneurial adventure? Whether you are looking to sell your business as is, increase the value and sale price, get a business valuation, or buy a business, your situation is unique. That’s why The Exit Eagle offers 4 different approaches, depending on your needs and your goals.


Sell Your Business "As Is

When you are ready to sell your business, The Exit Eagle offers 2 unique paths to help you exit profitably. 

Option 1.  Leverage Existing Strengths to capitalize value.  Sit back and relax while we prepare the materials needed to market your business, attract buyers, and prepare due diligence documents to make due diligence painless... almost fun!

Option 2.  Magnetize Buyers by showcasing Future Earning possibilities.  Option 1 going a step further:  Let's highlight the strengths and weaknesses to illustrate strategies for immediate revenue expansion and longer-term opportunities.  We'll research industry trends and standards as a foundation for creating tantalizing opportunities for the buyer to increase revenues immediately, and over the long term.  Nothing is more attractive to a buyer than KNOWING that they are going to get a significant return on their investment!

Check out the 7 Phases to Exit Your Business


Increase the Value and Sale Price before Selling

Build Value to maximize the sale price and attract deep pocket buyers.  Let's go beyond packaging the business to building The Entrepreneur's Dream Acquisition.  We know what buyers are looking for, what they will pay loads for.  Let's take some time to multiply the multiplier that buyers will pay for your business!

  • Value Builder Mini-Mastermind:  This 6-month Value Builder Mini-Mastermind provides the data and coaching that allows you to address the low-hanging value fruit to increase salability of the business.  Perhaps your all-important customer list needs a make-over; your receivables need to be reduced; the appearance of your business needs a facelift.  If you need some extra hands, we can help.  At the end of the day, we want to make sure that your business is one of the 20% of businesses that DO get sold ... for a good price!
  • Value Maximizer Mastermind:  This hands-on Value Maximizer Mastermind focuses on specific components of your business that can be improved to significantly increase attraction of buyers -- and the amount of money they are willing to invest in the even more golden opportunity you build for them in your business.  When you want to get the most you can from your business, this is the route to take.  I'd call it the Road to Paradise, but that might be exaggerating.  Then again, maybe not :-)


Estimate of Value

Thanks to Shark Tank, we all know that we can sell our business.  What we don't know is what the value of our businesses are and how we can make them even more valuable when we present them to potential investors -- buyers -- people who will write the check that pays for our business.

When you are just getting started on the journey, having an Estimate of Value will give you an idea of what your business is worth.  But it's not enough to know just that -- an estimate is a generic calculation of all businesses in your industry that have sold recently, big ones, small ones, good ones, bad ones.  And Certified Business Valuations require time, knowledge and experience that must be paid for.  

Our Estimate of Value gives you the starting point for knowing the value of your business, but it also gives you ways that you can increase that value.  We want you to be able to maximize the salable value of your business; that's why we provide a tool that lays the foundation for doing just so.


Certified Business Valuations

Perhaps you have a buyer and are uncertain about whether their offer is fair or what price you should receive to get the true value of your business.  Or perhaps you are ready to put your business on the open market and want to make sure that you have negotiating leverage for the amount that will be written on the check that pays for your business.

A Certified Business Valuation reflects your unique business, the qualities that make your business valuable, and provides the documentation to support that price.  A solid Certified Business Valuation doesn't give you just a number; it puts you in the driver's seat for negotiating a deal structure that reflects the true value of your business under terms that meet your wants and needs.  The money you invest in knowing and realizing your true value will most likely be returned to you many times over.


Buy a Business

At The Exit Eagle, we have a rigorous process for helping you to identify the weaknesses and strengths of the business to buy.  Whether this is your first entrepreneurial venture or you are looking for another business to add to your portfolio, we can walk you though the process in a way that brings confidence that the deal is right for you and that the odds of a successful acquisition are high.

  • B2B Business Owner
    Virginia Altman went above and beyond  anything that I could have expected in selling my business and I only wish I had others for her to sell. Because of my experience with her I am definitely a better person.  I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the future. THANK YOU!!!!! 
    B2B Business Owner
  • Robert Bartolacci
    Experience. Good, common business sense. Instinct. Beyond academic training, Virginia has so many valuable attributes and skills. Whether it is the experience of a family business, years of consulting, or just good-old fashioned horse sense, she looks to see the bigger picture of situations. As an example, when discussing a particular business that Virginia was selling, I noted how the offering's cash flow barely supported any purchase price at all, regardless of its market, etc. Virginia, who was brokering the deal at the time, actually sold the business for its asking price by providing a strategic perspective, competitive evaluation, and quasi-tactical plan for the new owners to execute. Her actions were creative, conscientiously and ethically prepared for the buyer, and most importantly effective for the seller. Very impressive.
    Robert Bartolacci
    Executive Vice President/CFO, Modern Transportation Services; Adjunct Asst. Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Richard
    It is hard to put into words the appreciation that I have for Virginia Altman and the service that she offers.  At the very beginning you were not afraid to tell me the truth about my business and areas that I needed to improve to make it more attractive to potential buyers. I know that you have many other clients however you somehow were always there for me and I truly thought that I was your only client. You did not know anything about my business but before the second meeting you did you homework and got to know it, for that I will always be grateful. Once the business was listed you gave me regular update of interest and constantly reminded me that it is a process and there is a buyer out there and we are ready for anything.  We found a qualified buyer and eventually closed on the business. Virginia Altman went above and beyond anything that I could have expected in selling my business and I only wish I had others for her to sell. Because of my experience with her I am definitely a better person, and ready to take on any endeavor in the future. I would highly recommend her services to anyone in the future.
    Business Seller

Maximize Success in Selling Your Business

It’s that simple. It’s what Exit Eagle is here to do. When looking ahead to exiting your business, whether you plan to sell your company, transition ownership to your partners or employees, or work with a family member who is ready to succeed you, we have the experience to help you close a win-win deal.

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